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Evelyn Billo (formerly Newman)  Robert K. Mark, Ph.D.

Sole Proprietor and CEO            Chief Scientist RCS


Rupestrian CyberServices (RCS) founded 1997 to provide technical services to rock art site managers and others.


Services and Milestones include

•     Survey, mapping, & aerial photography of archaeological sites using Phantom 3 Pro Quadcopter (FAA Section 333 exemption approved Nov. 2015).

•     Document rock art sites with sub-meter accuracy GPS, high resolution cameras and GigaPan photography.

•     Digital image enhancement using Adobe Photoshop, DStretch plugin to ImageJ.

•     Structure from Motion 3D modeling.

•     Extensis Portfolio and FileMaker Pro image database creation.

•     Adobe Acrobat interactive maps.

•     ArcView GIS layers that link photos to location.

•     Scan and archive research materials, compare scanned archival images with current rock art or site condition.

•     Produce multimedia projects for education or management.

•     Provide training sessions on image enhancement and use of specific image databases.


Major Projects 2017-2012

•     Bureau of Land Management (BLM) WY: UAV (drone) mapping (2016).

•     National Park Service: documenting rock art sites in Carlsbad NP, Guadalupe Mtns NP, Big Bend NP (2015-17).

•     Developed and released free image enhancement app LabStretch for iPads and iPhones.

•     Pony Hills, New Mexico volunteer documentation: aerial view by Quadcopter for mapping, 2016.

•     Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum: hi-res scans and enhancement of 1998 Torrey Wyoming petroglyph 35mm slides, updated original Portfolio image database, interactive Acrobat map with 92 linked pages, 2016.

•     Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA): Portfolio image database, hi-res scans of 11,588 35mm slides of Arizona rock art sites bequeathed to MNA by Donald E. Weaver, Jr., 2015.

•     National Park Service (NPS): Hi-res photography and image enhancement (all methods), GigaPans, Portfolio image databases, interactive Acrobat maps and rock art documentation forms at priority sites within Southwest Region National Parks (Big Bend, TX, Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains, NM), 2014-2016.

•     Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit: Wupatki National Monument Horseshoe and Middle Mesas rock art panel Gigapans, 2015,

•     Subcontractor to SWCA, Ray Land Exchange SEIS: GigaPans, DStretch and Photoshop enhancement added previously unrecorded pictographs, Portfolio database. 2015

•     Kaibab National Forest: Snake Gulch GigaPans, panel location overview photography, image enhancement, and Portfolio database (2450 images), 2015.

•     Amistad National Reservoir: GigaPans of Rattlesnake Canyon painted panels post flood, 2014.

•     Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Yuma Field Office: Sears Point, Arizona survey, mapping, photography, forms, and report in association with Donald E. Weaver, Jr. and 50 volunteers on over 2000 panels’ 8,000 individual petroglyph elements, and 88 archaeological features, 2008-2012.

•     Bureau of Reclamation, Boise, ID: Watson site documentation (survey, photography, drawings, interactive map, and FileMaker Go database) using iPad in association with Dr. Johannes Loubser, 2011-2012.



•     Glen Canyon National Recreation Area/Vermillion Cliffs Alliance, Colorado River, Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry, Arizona, 2010.

•     Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department (NNHPD) Glen Canyon Adaptive Management Program, 2010

•     Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Big Springs State Park, Texas, in association with Dr. Johannes Loubser, 2009.

•     TPWD Devils River State Natural Area, Texas, 2008-2010.

•     USFS Lincoln National Forest: Photographic documentation, GigaPans, and image enhancement of select pictograph sites, 2008-2009

•     National Park Service (NPS) Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, 2006-2009.

•     TPWD Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site, Texas, 2003-2004.

•     U.S. Army, Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, Colorado, in association with Dr. Lawrence Loendorf, 2001-2005.

•     NPS Lava Beds National Monument, California, 2004.

•     NPS Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona, in association with Dr. Lawrence Loendorf, 2000-2003.



Additional projects:

•     Starting in 2009, RCS has provided high-resolution Gigapan imagery to Shumla School, Carlsbad Canyon National Park, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (Hueco Tanks State Historic Park), and the Lincoln National Forest.

•      RCS assessed wildfire impacts to rock art sites near Winnemucca, Nevada and Newcastle, Wyoming for the BLM.

•      Innovative panoramic photography of Desert View Watchtower murals in Grand Canyon National Park provided to Hopi Iconography Project at the Museum of Northern Arizona.

•      Recorded rock art sites, created maps and GIS databases with rock art images linked to GIS or Acrobat files for Coconino National Forest, Arizona (San Francisco Wash), for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (Hueco Tanks State Historic Site), and for the DuBois, Wyoming Museum (Wind River area).

•      Created interactive CD for museum use at Deer Valley Rock Art Center, Phoenix, Arizona and for the Kaibab National Forest (Keyhole Sink), Arizona.

•      Provided image enhancement assistance to Jean Clottes, director of the Chauvet Cave research project in France, Matthias Strecker, SIARB at sites in Bolivia, Australia National Parks New South Wales, Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Iconography project, and Montezuma Castle National Monument, Arizona.



Awards, (shared with Robert Mark), American Rock Art Research Association's Oliver Award for Excellence in Rock Art Photography, 2002, & the Conservation and Preservation Award, 1999.



Volunteer Positions:


•     Research Associate in Anthropology, Museum of Northern Arizona, 2007 to present•     Member of team that recorded rock art at Picture Canyon, AZ in support of it’s nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Site placed on National Register, 2008

•     Guest Curator (with others) of Stories on Stone Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau Exhibit at Museum of Northern Arizona from June 2005 through May 2006.

•      Practitioner Associate for Northern Arizona University Anthropology Department (2002-present).

•      Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department Permit to study rock art in the Chinle Wash watershed and provide photographic documentation.

•      Rock art recording project in BLM Paria Wilderness, (2000).

•      Team leader with the Arizona Archaeological Society Field Schools at Anderson Pass (1999 & 1998), Dead Man Wash (1997), and Red Tank Draw (1996).

•      Rock Art Foundation field school and site survey work, Pecos River area, Texas, 1997

•      Multimedia CD completed in 1995 for the Archaeological Conservancy to assist them in mapping and managing their Rocky Hill rock art site in Tulare County, California.

•      Helped record rock art of Chitactac-Adams Cultural Historic Park, Santa Clara County, California.   Member Citizens Advisory Committee for Chitactac Adams from 1990-1995, working closely with Ohlone Tribal members and park planners.

•     Member Citizens Advisory Committee for Henry W. Coe State Park from 1985-1995; helping with the archaeological resource inventory at the second largest state park in California.


Over thirty years experience recording rock art worldwide on 35-mm slide film and digitally.  Concern with image-degradation in private research materials led to developments of image enhancement techniques in 1999 using Photoshop that became standards in the field. Concern for site conservation led to multimedia services that combine precision GPS, GIS, high resolution digital images, 360-degree panoramas, Gigapans, DStretch, 3-D imaging, pXRF, UAV aerial photography, and CD/DVD technology.



Archive activities include scanning research slides, drawings, and photograph collections of individual rock art researchers, creating image databases, and archiving images and data to CDROM, DVDs, or larger capacity hard drives as appropriate.



Rock art site protection and activism

•      American Rock Art Research Association’s Past President, former Vice President & Board member. Member ARARA Archive, and Conservation and Preservation Committees.

•      Vice President: Arizona Archaeological Society, Northern Arizona Chapter 2002-present; Board member 1997-2002. Project Director AHC Grant for Picture Canyon Plateau Issue, 2010.

•      Member, Picture Canyon Core Group 2005-present

•      Vice president: Santa Clara County Archaeological Society, 1990’s

•      Certified Rock Art Recorder: Arizona Archaeological Society. Since 1997

•      Member: SAA, ARARA, URARA, ESRARA, AURA, SIARB, INORA. Founding member: BARARA, RAF, and NRAF.

•      Listed in Who's Who in Rock Art, 1996 edition.



Publications and Presentations: Rock art publication bibliography with Robert Mark is on our website. www.rupestrian.com



Previous Employment: Twenty-six years with the US Geological Survey as a Digital Mapping Consultant and Computer Specialist.



Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics: New Mexico State University, 1965.



Selected Publications


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